We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion in the Calgary community with the launch of the first Miraculous Maids and Shine Above franchises, led by the distinguished entrepreneur, Saleh Osman. Following his remarkable success with Five Star Holiday Decor (also under the MOSAIC franchise network), Saleh is now set to transform the home services landscape in Calgary, bringing exceptional cleaning and maintenance services to your doorstep.

Saleh Meeting with the Team and Training at the Edmonton HQ

Empowered by the MOSAIC Franchise Network

Saleh Osman’s expertise and dedication to Miraculous Maids and Shine Above are precisely what the Calgary community deserves. These new franchises aim to provide unmatched service. Miraculous Maids offers meticulous home cleaning. Shine Above delivers comprehensive exterior house cleaning. All services are conveniently brought to the customer’s doorstep. This commitment to convenience and quality is a hallmark of the Mosaic Home Services franchise network. It guarantees ease and efficiency. Our clients have come to expect this across the region.

Introducing the Turnkey Business Model:

Miraculous Maids and Shine Above franchises offer a turnkey business model, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with an enticing opportunity to delve into the world of entrepreneurship. This model streamlines the process of establishing a business and gives franchise owners a head start by eliminating the initial hurdles.

From the very beginning, the company equips franchisees with everything necessary for success. This includes access to tried and tested products, established procedures, and a robust support network provided by the Mosaic franchise network. With this support system, franchisees can hit the ground running, focusing their energy on delivering exceptional service to clients.

By embracing the turnkey business model, Miraculous Maids and Shine Above thrive in the competitive home services industry, offering top-notch services and exceptional customer experiences to the Calgary community.

Building on Proven Success

Saleh’s journey with the Mosaic network began with his achievements at Five Star Holiday Decor. He garnered accolades for his dedication to service excellence and customer satisfaction. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality have already made a significant impact in Northwest Calgary. Now, he is excited to bring his expertise and passion to Miraculous Maids and Shine Above, aiming to set a new benchmark in home services within the Calgary area.

A Commitment to the Calgary Community

Our mission is to serve the Calgary community by providing dependable, high-quality home services. Saleh and his team uphold the trust and satisfaction of each customer, ensuring that they deliver every service with care and precision. We believe that our commitment to excellence will make Miraculous Maids and Shine Above the preferred choice for home care services in Calgary.

Miraculous Maids: A New Standard in Home Cleaning

Miraculous Maids is ready to redefine cleaning services in Calgary under the leadership of their new franchisee. They meticulously tailor their services to ensure thorough cleaning from top to bottom, recognizing the unique needs of each home. Miraculous Maids provides a spotless environment for families. They handle recurring home cleaning and deep cleaning for special occasions. They also offer targeted cleaning for move ins & move outs. Their commitment extends beyond cleanliness; they use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for children, pets, and the planet.

Shine Above: Comprehensive Exterior Care

Similarly, Shine Above brings a fresh perspective to window and gutter cleaning in Calgary. Under the direction of the new franchise owner, the franchise offers a suite of exterior maintenance services, including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing. These services enhance the curb appeal and functionality of residential homes. Utilizing the latest technology and customized maintenance plans, Shine Above aims to protect clients’ investments and ensure that their homes remain pristine and well-preserved against the elements.

Cleaning from Inside Out in Calgary

For residents of Calgary, Miraculous Maids and Shine Above meet all your home care needs. Whether you’re looking for interior house cleaning services or exterior home washing, they are ready to help. Both services aim to enhance your living environment and ensure your home remains pristine year-round.

Together, let’s celebrate this milestone as we work to make Calgary a cleaner, more vibrant place to live. We are proud of what Saleh Osman is bringing to Calgary and are excited to see him thrive as the latest member of the Mosaic family. His journey is just beginning, and we invite you to be a part of it.

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