squeegee cleaning inside of window with Shine Above logoHere at Shine Above Window & Gutter Cleaning, we often get questions about what is expected of you as the customer. Customers frequently ask what they should be doing or what they need to provide before, during, and after the professional window cleaning service at their home. 

We totally understand – window cleaning isn’t the type of service that you get done every day! As a twice-a-year service, it’s tough to know or remember exactly what the professional window cleaners need from you. 

So, in this blog post, we’ll take you through what we need from you and what you should expect before, during, and after the window cleaning. We’ll discuss these expectations and needs for both interior and exterior window cleaning. Let’s dive right into it.

Before Your Window Cleaning

1. Determine that you need a window cleaning

This is obviously the most important thing to do first. Obviously, if your windows are looking pretty dirty and have a lot of water stains and dust on them, it’s probably time to get a window cleaning. However, there are other indicators that it’s time to call up the professional window cleaning company! 

As we discuss in our blog post, The Best Times to Get Your Windows and Gutters Cleaned, it’s essential to wash your windows at least twice a year for purposes beyond aesthetics. The lifespan and integrity of your windows depends on regular window washing, and you can actually increase your energy efficiency by getting your windows cleaned! 

If you’re ever unsure about whether or not you should get your windows professionally cleaned, chat with professional window washers that you trust and ask them about it. 

2. Find a professional window cleaning company

Next, you need to do some research to determine which professional window cleaning company near you you want to hire for the window cleaning service. When choosing a professional window cleaning company, make sure that they have safety measures in place and that they’re WCB covered and insured. Safety should be a number one priority.

Another important thing to review before choosing someone to provide you a window cleaning service is online reviews. Check out what previous customers have to say about the service and the company as a whole! 

(Not to be biased, but… we recommend choosing Shine Above Window & Gutter Cleaning for your window cleaning needs! We’ve heard they’re the best!)

professional window cleaning company3. Book your window cleaning service 

Next, it’s time to book. Chat with the Customer Success Team at the professional window cleaning company to find a time that works best for you. Once a date is set, you should receive confirmation of your appointment and a reminder of it as well. 

4. Make sure there is an external water source available for exterior window cleaning

If you’re getting exterior window cleaning, the only thing that you need to do to prepare for your visit is make sure that there is an external water source available. The professional window washers will need this water source for cleaning your windows and won’t be able to complete your appointment without it so don’t forget! 

5. Make sure that you are at home and can let the window washers in for interior window cleaning 

If the professional window washers are also going to be cleaning the interior of your windows, it’s essential that you’re at your home to let them in and lock up behind them. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to watch their every move or babysit them, we just want you to be able to keep your home locked before and after for safety. 

Once the professional window washers are in, you can go put your feet up, turn on your favorite show, and leave them to work their magic. 

man cleaning window with squeegeeDuring Your Window Cleaning

1. Steer clear of the windows 

Once you’ve prepped your external water source and/or let the professional window washers into your home, it’s important for you to give the professionals space. While they wash the windows, they’ll need space for their supplies and for the cleaning process itself. 

This is particularly important for exterior window cleaning – don’t get in the way of ladders! While the professionals are cleaning those tough-to-reach spots up on ladders, make sure that you stay safely on the ground and away from the ladders. 

We highly value the safety of our customers and our professional window washers here at Shine Above and steering clear of the windows as they clean them will mean everyone can stay safe. 

2. Make sure there is airflow in your home for internal window cleaning

Although too much wind and strong airflow can be a bad thing, having gentle airflow in your home during your interior window cleaning service is important. As your windows dry, airflow can be helpful to prevent streaking and keep them sparklingly clear. 

It’s all about balance – don’t blow massive fans at each window, but a fan or two throughout the house and an open patio door definitely won’t hurt. Plus, who doesn’t love a little fresh air? The professional window washers will likely thank you and you may even enjoy the breeze as well. 

3. Let the professionals do their thing 

This is an important one. As tempting as it can be to hover over the cleaners during your professional window cleaning service, don’t do it. Yes, window cleaning is very satisfying to watch, but there’s no need to watch every move. 

Give them space and let them do their magic! The window cleaners will be sure to complete a final walkthrough with you to check the quality before leaving, so while they work, let them do their thing. 

man cleaning inside of windowsAfter Your Window Cleaning 

1. Do a quality check with the window cleaning professional 

As we’ve mentioned throughout this blog post, professional window washers will complete a quality check walkthrough with you following your window cleaning service if you are at home. They’ll be able to show you how the windows look and ensure that the quality of the cleaning is up to your standards. 

If you notice any areas that were missed or any issues with the window cleaning, make sure to point them out so that the professional window washers can resolve the issues prior to leaving site. 

If you’re not at home during the window cleaning service, the professional window washers should provide you with some photos to show you how it went. Chat with them prior to your service if you’re interested in these! 

2. Chat with the window washers about when you should get your windows cleaned next 

If you are at home, feel free to chat with the professional window washers about when you should get your windows cleaned next. They’ll be able to provide you with a more specific idea of the best timeline because they’ll be able to see the surroundings of your home that affect the cleanliness of your windows. 

If you can’t chat with them in person, feel free to send a follow up email or phone them to ask about when the next service should be completed. 

3. Enjoy the clean windows! 

And there we have it! The window cleaning service is complete and so is this guide to the before, during, and after of the cleaning. At this point, you simply get to enjoy the benefits of your clean windows

If you have any other questions about the window cleaning process, feel free to leave them in a comment below! Our team would be more than happy to help.