house with lots of windows and Shine Above Window & Gutter Cleaning logoPicture this: it’s springtime, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and you’re very ready to be done with winter. As you pull into your driveway one sunny afternoon, you suddenly notice that your house NEEDS some TLC. After the freezing, far-too-long winter, your windows are verrrryyyy dirty. It’s time to call up the window washers

But, as you’re looking for a professional Edmonton window washing company, you come to the realization that you don’t actually know what professional window washers use to wash your windows or how they do it… weird. Today, we’re here to answer your questions. No more wondering about the window washers’ process! 

In this blog post, we’re going to take you through the tools and materials that our professional Edmonton window washers use to clean your windows. Then, we’ll quickly chat about some techniques for both interior and exterior window washing and finish it off with the safety measures and procedures that Shine Above’s professional window washers follow at every job. 

Let’s get right into it! 

Tools & Products

First, we’re going to start off by chatting about the different tools and products that Edmonton window washers use to clean your interior and exterior windows. As straightforward as it may seem at first, professional window washers actually have years of experience that have provided them with a few tricks to keep up their sleeves. 

Used For Scrubbing

The first and most important tool that window washers use is a squeegee. Squeegees are glass cleaning tools that are multi-sided. One side of the squeegee is a cushioned pad that soaks up the water and cleaning solution. This side works as a kind of cloth to scrub off all of the dirt, grime, and dust that has built up on your windows. The other side of the squeegee is a hard, flat rubber bit that is used to carefully scrape the water and cleaning solution off of the windows once they have been washed. 

squeegee on exterior of window
The flat side of the squeegee is used to scrape off the excess water and solution.

For Streak-Free Windows

Another equally essential tool for window cleaning is a microfiber cloth. Once the water and cleaning solution has been effectively squeegeed off of the window, professional window washers will go over the window with a microfiber cloth. These cloths are used to ensure that no streaking or water staining occurs. They’re also used as a drying technique to make sure that the windows are left crystal clear and appear dirty after drying out. 

The Cleaning Solution

As for the solution that Edmonton window washers use, it is not actually what most people assume. Professional window washers will typically use a solution of water and a liquid detergent that is designed to shine. Our technicians like to make sure that your windows Shine Above! Although we won’t give all of our secrets away, we can tell you that this liquid detergent is designed for glass and to reduce water stains. 

On Colder Days

If professional window washers are cleaning your windows during a colder day, they’ll pull out another trick to ensure the best cleaning possible: antifreeze! If you’ve ever wondered how your windshield washing fluid stays liquid even during the coldest winter months, there’s your answer. Antifreeze gives professional window washers the ability to wash your windows even in colder temperatures. 

lift that window washers use
Window washers can use lifts to reach second and third floor windows!

To Reach Those Higher Windows

All of the tools and products we’ve discussed so far are essential for every type of window cleaning. They’re needed for interior and exterior as well as main floor and high level window cleaning services. However, high level window cleaning requires a few more tools as well. 

First, extension poles. Although some higher windows will require other tools to reach them, some can simply be reached with squeegees on extension poles. If these extension poles work, they make everyones’ lives easier and allow the professional window washers to stay safely on the ground.

However, if extension poles don’t cut it, ladders or lifts will surely do the trick. Ladders and lifts are essential for reaching those second and third floor windows that can’t be reached from the safety of the ground or with the help of an extension pole. 

Ladders and lifts must only be operated by people with training and specific safety measures in place. They can pose threats to window washers safety, however, professional window washers have the knowledge and experience necessary to operate and use them without issues. 


Okay, now that we know what professional window washers use to wash windows, let’s dive into how they wash windows! The window washers here at Shine Above are highly trained and regularly assessed to ensure that they are using the most efficient, effective techniques. 

There are a few techniques and practices that are used for both interior and exterior window washing and a few that are specific to interior window cleaning and window screen cleaning. 

As general rules for both interior and exterior, professional window washers will begin their process by cleaning the frame. By doing so, they reduce the chances of that dirt and dust getting onto the window itself. Additionally, professional window washers will always start at the top and clean down to the bottom of the window. This prevents drips from falling down and dirtying the part of the window that has already been cleaned. 

Window washers will start on the window itself by squeegeeing the window with the cushioned side of the tool and will then scrape the water and solution off with the other end of the tool. Once this is complete, the microfiber cloth will be used to shine and dry the window to perfection! 

interior window being washed with squeegee
Professional window washers are careful to use less solution on interior windows.

Interior Windows 

Obviously, for interior windows, professional window washers need to be much more careful about excess water and solution. Unlike with exterior window cleaning, the extra water and solution from the cleaning can’t just drip down the side of the house. 

When cleaning interior windows, it’s essential for window washers to be very careful with the amount of water and cleaning solution that they use. Additionally, they need to ensure that drips will not fall down walls or onto flooring inside the house. This can cause water damage and is obviously something that the window washing technicians want to avoid. 

As for the window tracks that are accessible from the inside of the windows, window washers use the same cleaning solution on microfiber cloths to clean these out. Once the dirt and dust has been scrubbed off, they then use paper towel to dry out these tracks to prevent any mold or water damage. 

Window Screens

Cleaning window screens is not something that every professional window washer will do. However, here at Shine Above, we believe that no matter how clean the window itself is, it will still look dirty if accompanied by a dirty screen. 

To clean window screens, our teams use a specialized screen washing tool that effectively but gently scrubs all dirt, dust, and grime out of your screens. This machine uses pressurized water and bristles to clean the window screen and can actually help improve the air quality in your home!


Last, but certainly not least, we’ll chat about the safety measures and procedures that the professional window washers here at Shine Above use. As important as these tools, products, and techniques are, they are not effective or worth the investment without safety being a number one priority

man in PPE on ladder outside of house
Safety is a number one priority!

At Shine Above Window & Gutter Cleaning, our technicians always complete a Field Level Hazard Assessment prior to starting any job. This assessment helps them to recognize and remove any hazards on site before they begin the window washing service. Doing this assessment not only keeps our technicians safe but also removes the risk of damaging your property as well. 

When using ladders or lifts, Shine Above’s professional window washers are required to hold the necessary certifications and follow buddy systems to ensure the highest level of safety. Our team is completely covered by WCB, insured, and bonded. As you can tell, safety is one of our top priorities. 

There we are! No more wondering how window washers clean windows or what they use to do so! As one of the 5 Best window washers in Edmonton, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. We hope that this blog has been informative and helpful to you. Comment down below if you have any burning questions about the window washing process and we’ll be more than happy to answer them. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next one.