Shine Above Window & Gutter CleaningBelieve it or not, there are actually many common misconceptions about professional window cleaning in Edmonton. Window cleaning unfortunately isn’t one of those things that we’re taught about in grade school or are set up to know much about before going into the ~real world~ and purchasing a property. This makes it tough to differentiate between myths and facts and know how to go about getting your windows professionally cleaned here in Edmonton. 

In this blog, we’re going to run through six of the most common myths associated with Edmonton window cleaning and debunk them for you. Think of it as your little crash course on professional window cleaning that you never got! So, without further ado, let’s start debunking some common myths about Edmonton window cleaning. 

Myth #1: Professional Edmonton window cleaning isn’t worth it.

This one is one of the most common and is one we should debunk right away. Many people consider window cleaning to be one of those home maintenance chores that you can just put off and ignore until you have some time to DIY. However, this is far from true and we’re going to explain why. 

Fact #1: Getting your windows cleaned professionally is very cost-effective, allows for the highest level of safety, and means that your windows will stay cleaner for longer. 

Although it may seem as though the cost, time, and effort that are required to hire a professional window cleaning company in Edmonton are not worth it, this is simply not the case. Firstly, the quality of clean that you’ll be able to achieve by doing it yourself does not even begin to compare with that of the professional cleaners. Now, this isn’t a cut at you in any way. Frankly, it comes down to industry experience and knowledge as well as the professional-grade cleaners and cleaning practices that professionals use when cleaning your windows. To put it simply, they know what they’re doing! 

Rather than wasting your time, household cleaners, and effort trying to clean your windows yourself only to watch them turn out streaky or get dirty again within a week or two, it’s a much better choice to hire a trusted professional cleaning company in Edmonton. Professional grade cleaners will leave your windows cleaner for longer and the cleaning practices that the professionals use are tried and tested. Remember – you may have cleaned your windows a handful of times, but the professionals have cleaned the windows on a handful of houses every single day! They’ll be able to leave your windows spotless and streak-free and the clean they provide will last. 

Last, but certainly not least, hiring professional window cleaners to complete your window cleaning in Edmonton can ensure a much higher level of safety. Sure, the ground-floor windows are easy to reach. But what about those second or third story windows? Or the ones that can only be reached from the roof? Don’t risk getting up on a ladder without the proper safety procedures. Professional window cleaners will be WCB insured, bonded, and have procedures in place to maintain the highest level of safety while cleaning those hard-to-reach windows. 

Myth #2: Everyone should clean their windows two times a year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

Myth #2 is not completely untrue. As we’ve discussed in our blog, The Best Times to Get Your Windows & Gutters Cleaned, cleaning your windows once in the fall and once in the spring is a decent generalizable rule. This is essentially the bare minimum that property owners should be doing when it comes to getting their windows cleaned. However, there’s actually much more to it than that. 

Fact #2: Each property is different and will require a unique window cleaning schedule. 

Think about it this way – if you live in a home in the middle of nowhere and only experience mild weather, no wind, and minimal rainfall, your windows may never need to be cleaned. Why? Because they aren’t exposed to dust, debris, sand, dirt, etc. that can be harmful to them and make them look dirtier. 

However, this kind of environment is not one that can be found in Edmonton. Here in Edmonton, properties can be surrounded by everything from fields to trains to roads to forests. Each one of these environments affects the cleanliness of windows and will, therefore, mean that the properties within them each require unique window cleaning schedules. 

Living near a busy road means that more dirt, dust, mud, and other debris will likely end up on your windows which will then require cleanings more than two times a year. Similarly, living adjacent to a field or forest will result in more dust, debris, pollen, etc. ending up on your windows as well, causing them to get much dirtier much faster. 

Another factor that can have a huge effect on how often you need to book window cleaning services is the weather. Wind carries the aforementioned debris onto your windows and strong storms of any kind will often result in dirtier windows as well. Additionally, although rain itself does not make your windows dirtier, if your windows are already covered in dust and dirt and are then rained on, it is very likely that they will end up looking much dirtier because of the water running through the dirt. Make sure to keep weather conditions in mind when you’re planning your professional window cleaning services. 

Cleaning solution on a window while being washed

Myth #3: It’s best to get your windows cleaned on hot, sunny days. 

As odd as it may seem, hot, sunny days are one of the worst types of days to get your windows cleaned! Sure, the technicians would love to be out in the sunshine, soaking up the vitamin D, but they wouldn’t be able to leave your windows sparkling and clearer than ever (which is, at the end of the day, the real reason they’re there). 

Fact #3: Weather that is too hot and too sunny can cause the window washing solution to dry prematurely, leaving your windows streaky and unclean. 

Getting your professional window cleaning service in Edmonton on a hot, sunny day completely eradicates the purpose of getting them cleaned in the first place. In fact, they may even come out looking dirtier than before! Who would’ve thought, hey? 

Professional grade window cleaning solutions that professional window cleaners will use will typically end up drying prematurely on your windows if they are too hot (which, of course, comes from sunny, warm days). When these solutions dry before the window cleaning technicians are able to use them to get the window clear and clean, they will unfortunately cause streaks of solution across your windows. The best weather for Edmonton window cleanings is mild, somewhat cloudy, and free of major wind so that the solution and water used to clean your windows dries slowly and evenly, leaving your windows crystal clear. 

Myth #4: Professional window cleaning is done simply to make the windows look better. 

Yes, professional window cleaning absolutely does make your windows look better and increases the overall curb appeal of your property, however, there are more (and more important) benefits to getting a professional window cleaning service in Edmonton than just the aesthetics. 

Fact #4: There are many other benefits to window cleaning – increased energy efficiency, increased window lifespan and integrity, and longer-lasting results. 

Unfortunately, everyone in Edmonton has become all too familiar with astronomical energy bills over the past few years. Believe it or not, the small layer of dust and debris on your dirty windows can actually block a lot of sunlight and warmth from coming into your home. By getting this layer professionally cleaned off and making sure that your windows are completely translucent, you’ll actually be able to increase your energy efficiency and capitalize on the warmth that the sun provides you naturally. Although this isn’t going to completely solve the issue of high heat bills, it can sure help. 

When windows are properly and regularly cleaned and maintained, they can last for around 20 years! When they’re not cleaned thoroughly on a recurring basis, you risk reducing their lifespan from around 20 years to around 5 or 10. Why? When dirt and debris accumulate on your windows, they can actually start breaking down the glass itself, making your windows brittle and subject to breakage. Why does it matter? Replacing all of your windows 10 or 15 years before you should be replacing them is very expensive. 

Also, like we’ve mentioned above, professional window cleaning in Edmonton means that your windows stay cleaner for longer and that you can stay safe on the ground while the professionals get those tough-to-reach windows thoroughly cleaned. 

House with clean windows

Myth #5: Getting your windows professionally cleaned can easily be ignored and put off.

This myth could be true if you and everyone in your neighborhood closed their eyes… all the time… So, basically, it’s not true. Dirty windows stick out like a sore thumb on any building, as much as we all wish they wouldn’t. If you choose to try to ignore how dirty your windows are, trust us, you’ll be reminded sooner or later. 

Fact #5: Window cleaning is an essential home service and dirty windows won’t go unnoticed. 

Window cleaning can be ignored, yes. But not for long. There are a few different ways that you’ll get reminded of how dirty your windows are and why it’s so important to get them cleaned. First of all, dirty windows are not very nice to look at. They can greatly reduce the overall appearance of a property, making it look disheveled and unmaintained. Whether this is something that you notice, your neighbors notice, or your in-laws notice when they come over for dinner, it will be noticed and won’t be pleasant to explain or discuss. 

If it’s not the looks of the dirty windows that are noticed, the lifespan and integrity of your windows will be sure to alert you of how dirty they are and how badly they need to be cleaned. As we mentioned above, windows that are constantly left dirty will require replacement after a much shorter period of time and the hit that window replacement will make to your bank account will definitely bring your attention to how worth it professional window cleaning services truly are.

By getting your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you’ll be able to eradicate these uncomfortable, expensive issues. In short, window cleaning can’t be ignored and it’s not worth it to try! 

Myth #6: Regular household cleaners are satisfactory for window cleaning. 

Like many of the ideas and practices that all of these myths highlight, you can use household cleaners to wash your windows. However, like with many of the practices outlined above, this is going to jeopardize the quality and effectiveness of your window cleaning and could leave you worse off in the long run. 

Fact #6: You can use household cleaners but they won’t provide the same level of cleanliness that professional-grade cleaners will. 

Using the glass cleaner that you got in aisle three at your local supermarket could definitely let you get your windows to a cleaner position than they were before. However, it could also unfortunately backfire and leave you with windows that are even more murky. This risk isn’t one that you want to take. Further, you don’t want to have to clean your windows once a week just to keep them in decent condition. 

Household cleaners are designed to be able to clean only the amount of dust and dirt within your home, AKA not a lot. Using household cleaners on your windows’ exteriors would be like using your kitchen broom on your driveway… not the way to go. These household cleaners will not be able to provide the same quality of cleanliness that professional-grade window cleaners will. Plus, however clean they make your windows, it won’t last as long as a professional clean will as we’ve discussed above.

How does it feel to have debunked six of the most common myths about Edmonton window cleaning with us? Your crash course is complete and you now know the ins, outs, and misconceptions about this essential cleaning service. We hope that you enjoyed reading and that you learned something new about window cleaning today! 

If you’re looking to get your windows professionally cleaned in Edmonton or the surrounding areas, just give us a call at 780-651-1533 and we’ll be more than happy to get your windows cleaned and crystal clear.