Gutter cleaning is a service that every house needs at least once a year. Clogged gutters can cause damage to the house exterior, harbor mold and pests. Shine Above has been proudly serving Edmonton and the surrounding area since 2019 providing professional quality gutter cleaning.  And now we’ve been featured in Best Gutter Cleaning in Edmonton by If you are looking for a great source of local business reviews and ideas about what to do in Edmonton, check out their website! They provide comprehensive information on anything from contractors to insurance to restaurants and will even include cost breakdown for renovation projects that is relevant to pricing of products and services here in Edmonton. How cool is that? 

It’s our privilege to be featured in the local blog that prides itself on giving the most complete relevant information to the consumers about services in their area. 

So, why is our company featured as a consistent provider of high quality services? What sets us apart from the competition? 

First of all, we don’t cut corners. We always start by inspecting the property, taking pictures, even in the hard to reach areas to see what needs to be done, as well as inspect for possible gutter damage. We don’t want to contribute to more damage, so if repair is needed, we will inform the house owner promptly providing all the details and pictures. 

Shine Above will clean all the debris, including plants growing inside, any garbage, dirt and leaves. 

Here are the pros of choosing Shine Above according to review:

  1. We provide residential and commercial services
  2. Full range of exterior cleaning services available including pressure washing
  3. We provide air miles with our services – a nice feature most Albertans appreciate. 
  4. We offer gift cards
  5. Can provide a free online estimation

Upon inspecting the gutters, we use the most efficient tools, get up on ladders to clean all those areas that are hard to reach. Some companies use tools attached to poles without going up on the ladders to see if the cleaning is well done. That type of cleaning can leave the gutters clogged with leaves and cause damage to the property later on. That type of service doesn’t make sure your property is fully protected from water damage. Shine Above makes sure that it provides the most thorough cleaning to ensure the best results.