Your home or business is one of the largest investments that you will make in your lifetime. It is clear why Edmonton and area residents want to invest in proper maintenance and care for their properties!

Though some clients prefer to complete their exterior cleaning projects such as window cleaning themselves, there are others who prefer to leaving these large-scale projects to a professional Edmonton window cleaning company. Moreover, local window cleaning companies do specialize in providing a professional cleaning service and do have all the proper tools and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to provide the best service possible.

When you are looking to hire a local window cleaning company there are several questions that you may have. Check out some of the most frequent questions that our team of professional cleaners receives below:

When it comes to our window cleaning Edmonton service packages, how long will it take to clean the windows?

Unfortunately, there is no direct answer to this question unless we know the exact scope of your window cleaning needs. Timeframes do depend on the number and the size of the windows that you are looking to get professionally cleaned, as well as the layout of your property. In general terms, your window cleaning services will take anywhere from 1 hour to several hours.

Which products do you use to clean windows?

In the cleaning industry today, there are hundreds of cleaning solutions that can be used for your exterior window cleaning services. However, it is crucial that we are conscious when it comes to selecting products. Our team at Shine Above Window and Gutter Cleaning is proud to select superior commercial grade cleaning products that help protect the environment and avoid contributing to harmful particles building up on our client’s properties.

You are guaranteed to get the best quality of work when you hire our team of professional exterior cleaners here at Shine Above Window and Gutter Cleaning for your window washing Edmonton needs. Contact our team today for your free window washing quote!