Early November is one of the last opportunities of the year to get your exterior cleaning tasks marked off your list. One of the best ways to prepare the exterior of your home for the Winter is getting your windows professionally cleaned. Do you want to be sitting inside all December, January, and February looking out dirty windows? Heck no!

Shine Above Window and Gutter Cleaning in Edmonton provides a number of different exterior cleaning services including superior window washing. It is important to service your windows and the glass paneling of your doors annually to ensure their longevity, their proper UV protection, and to keep up both the curb appeal of your home and the visibility from the inside.

Window panes can be weakened over time if they’re not regularly serviced as they are beaten down by debris carried in the wind. Dust and dirt throughout the Spring and Summer months can get embedded in the pores in the glass. Regular exterior window cleaning helps to remove this dirt and dust, preserving the integrity of the glass. It also helps let in more light and keep your view crystal clear.

Shine Above’s Window Cleaning Services include the following options:

  • Interior Residential Windows
  • Exterior Residential Windows
  • Interior Commercial Windows
  • Exterior Ground Level Commercial Windows

If you are looking to get your home or business’s windows cleaned this November, make sure to reach out to our team at Shine Above in Edmonton as soon as possible. We would love the opportunity to get your property looking its very best before Winter arrives.